Selective Kindness

A little musing on discernment.

My sleep has been erratic for the past month as unspoken dialogue continually erupts from my subconscious.

I have this habit of going over conversations in my head.
I often wonder:
Did I word that in a way which was agreeable?
Could I have said this in a more indirect way?
Did I unknowingly hurt this person?

I’m no stranger to how reactive some people can be and how they can twist and misconstrue your intentions into something ugly to use against you.

Words are a double-edged sword.
They serve to enlighten or to cut down.
The choice is yours.
The responsibility is also yours to wield the use of words properly should you choose to use them.

I’m getting off topic now.
But I love words oh so much.
Now back to the point I was trying to make.

What frustrates me the most about myself is that I often hold back words when they should be spoken. You would think that you’re being kind by staying silent in certain situations but you are only damaging yourself.

There is another Chinese idiom that I always keep in mind these days.
Change Original Add Severity
Are you following me?
Sometimes when you stay silent, things just get worse.
Sometimes it is foolish to blindly endure.
Sometimes, it is wise to be selectively kind.
Because then you are being kind to yourself.

I used to not like conflict.
I would avoid it like the plague.
But I’ve come to actually enjoy hitting back as succinctly as possible.
It’s become a game to me.
Yes, you are a game to me.
I highly recommend not crossing my path.

My daddy always taught me: ‘if you get hit, hit three times back.’

We can be friends though ❤
If you're cool.

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