My group of girl friends and I would hang out at our local mall after school.
It was a small and run down one.
But it was close.
Walking distance.
That was enough for us.

I still remember what I wore that day.
A three-quarter sleeved, fitted red top with a pair of jeans.
We were minding our own business walking towards Zellers.
There was a jerky kiosk to my right.
They always had free samples out and we would take advantage and thank the owner with a bright smile.
I’ve always wanted to buy from them but I didn’t have much money of my own when I was thirteen.

An older teenaged boy randomly grabbed me from behind and starts touching me inappropriately.
He was accompanied by two friends who were watching the whole thing.
In the middle of the mall.
In broad daylight.
I looked around frantically for help but no one came to my rescue.
Not knowing what to do and scared of being taken or hurt,
all I could do was endure until it was over.

Last night I happened upon a Facebook post on my newsfeed.
It was written by an Asian woman who was targeted while riding public transit.
Apparently the perpetrators stated very loud and clear that they only harass Asian women.
No one did anything.

Where are the men?
Are the wives and children of others not also wives and children?

I wouldn’t hesitate to stomp your face out with my heels now.


An older woman I know once told me about how she was sexually abused during childhood.
She was afraid to speak up and seek help.
To this day,
she still hasn’t been able to share this with her own husband of two decades.
All I could do was listen silently as she allowed herself to cry in front of another for the first time.

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