Before a dear friend of mine was confined to her home,
(on accord of her own)
she would call me up and we would go exploring.

She taught me the importance of consuming fresh baked bread.
Because you’re better than less.
You deserve the best that you can get.
And if you desire more,
you work for it.
Be prepared to pay the price for it.

If you look one step further.
What is the true cost of consuming garbage?
Think about it.
Ill health?
Mental illness.
The constant hum of hunger at the back of your mind.
Not enough.
Nothing cheap satisfies.

You don’t want to be around an animal that has been starving.

So don’t starve yourself.
Feed your own mind, body and soul.
Limit your potential damage.
Build up your strength so you can create excess.
To start feeding the rest.

We were checking out at Dollarama.
Picking up some value supplies.
The middle aged woman at the cash,
looked so damn dignified.

It’s not what you do.
It’s how you do it.
And why.

One of my favourite memories of Japan was walking the entire Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto.
It was so scenic and serene.

Many people did not complete the whole journey and stopped at one of the many distractions along the way.
I was determined to go the whole route and luckily my friend also thought the same.

Eventually we reached a point where no one really ventured.
I spotted a woman sitting on a curb painting on little cards with a tiny brush.
We went over to take a closer look.

She paid us no heed as we sifted through her box of hidden treasures.
Each piece of artwork was absolutely beautiful.
All of them were of watercolour flowers.

We inquired the price and she said they were 100 yen each.
I exclaimed excitedly to my friend that these were great inexpensive gifts!
But he mistook my meaning,
and thought I meant that they were cheap.

I’ve given them away,
and have none for myself to keep.
But that’s okay.
Because I see art in the everyday.

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