I have another dear friend who I hold close to my heart.
I met him and another dear friend over cooking corn while doing laundry.
But that’s a story for another day.

This individual is probably the most educated and intelligent person I know.
Despite my lack of rational thought most of the time, he has never been impatient with me. Nor has he ever dismissed anything I’ve ever said.

Every time we hang out, I would learn something new.
A trip to the library to return the books he’d borrowed was a definite stop.
He read all sorts of biographies.
A genre that I’ve never explored.
(Secretly, because I don’t think anyone’s life can be as interesting as the picturesque stories which play in my mind.)

I very much enjoy playful discourse with him.
Because it is open discussion.
Pure exploration of different ideas.
I never sensed any form of aggression even if we held opposing views.
Plus, we both share a love of trying new food.

He was the first person I called for help after I underwent my life’s greatest crisis.

It was then that he introduced me to L’Illusionniste.
An animated French film with little dialogue.

I don’t wish to spoil the magic for anyone who has not seen the film and is interested in viewing it.

But I must express what I think, are the true feelings of Alice.
And that is that she had genuinely loved the Illusionist.
My hope to all the illusionists out there,
is that you don’t carry on living your life in sadness.
And leave based on assumptions.
For fear that you are inadequate.

Alice loved the illusionist for his character, kindness and generosity.
Not for what he was able to give her materially.
If you find yourself in a situation that is contrary to what I am writing about,
then she is not your Alice!
Go on and find your Alice!

I was in a fit of tears after the film had ended.
(And not surprisingly, in a fit of tears right now as I recount this.)
My friend had informed me at the time, that the illusionist chose to leave because he could not provide for her.
But all I wanted,
was for him to stay.
I was and still am,
overwhelmed with sorrow.

I am getting too emotional over this again.
Wait until you hear about ‘In The Mood For Love.’


Dear Seneca,

I don’t mean any disrespect.
But I tried to study your letters.
And ended up tired and breaking out in hives.
I can’t afford any more ill health.
So I say goodbye to your philosophy for now.
And I will no longer call myself a Stoic.
I’ll keep what I can use though.
And stick to my copy of ‘Letters to Véra‘ in the meantime.


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