Harm-Less Fun

My family and I were at the Asian mall once again.
I would say we go there about once or twice a month.
My aunt wanted to watch a singing performance which was held there.

My younger sibling and cousins were getting restless however, so we decide to leave and take a walk outside.
It was very windy.
So we took refuge in another building nearby.

A children’s talent show was taking place.
We camped out on the second floor and had an almost bird’s eye view of the performances.
It seemed the age of the children ranged between 4 and 16.
I thought they were all so very brave.
To be able to perform at such a young age.

A boy in a red hoodie and white pants was introduced to the stage.
The host said he was to do a hip hop dance.
He starts busting out some breakdancing moves to a kpop song.
I admit he wasn’t the greatest.

We decided to leave shortly after.
My cousins and younger sibling discuss the performances.
Then they start to critique the boy in red harshly.
That he sucked and shouldn’t have gone on stage.
That they should have filmed him and put it on Youtube.

I look behind us.
The boy was within hearing range.
And I let them know this.

I hope the boy was not dejected for too long.

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