I love wordless songs.

Where all you can do is feel the vibe.
I’m often lost in a world of overwhelming feeling.
I feel so much.
But I love it.
And wouldn’t have it any other way.

Even if I was to listen to a song with lyrics,
the voice to me is just another instrument.
I’m listening to the symphony of the different parts.
Sometimes together.
Sometimes separate.
Like only the beat of the drum.
Or the soft melody.
And how it works so well with the harmony.

Music is so magical.
I can listen to Nujabes forever.
Every song of his brings me to a happy place.
He’s been with me through good times.
Sad times.
Desolate times.
Hopeful times.
But mostly through chill times.

My only regret is not discovering him sooner.
I still remember how I happened upon his work.

I heard the song Love Sick playing from my ex’s computer.
It was still the beginning of 2012.
He was a kpop fanatic, while I, not so much.

Something about the beat and the vibe caught my attention.

So I searched for the meaning of the lyrics,
and found that the song is a spin-off of Luv Sic Pt. 2 by Nujabes ft. Shing02.
I was sad to find that Nujabes had left for 2 years already at the time.
Luv Sic was my favourite song for years.
Until Perfect Circle was completed at the end of 2015.
I don’t think there can ever be a more perfect song.

Rest in beats.
Seba Jun ❤
Thank you.

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