People will do as they wish.

There is no sense in trying to control or police the behaviour of others.
Neither party is completely right or wrong.
When you butt heads,
the only real solution is negotiation and compromise.

I am open to trying different things.
And if I like it,
I’ll make space for it in my toolbox.

It’s important to periodically go through your toolbox.
To rediscover what you’ve forgotten.
And rid of the things which no longer work.
Don’t hurt yourself with what is broken.
You have more than you think.

Everything has its place.
Clean up after yourself.
Take care of your belongings.
Use what you already have.
Acquire what you love.
Gift what you no longer need.
Maintain space for new additions.
Respect what you borrow.
Repair what you can.
Reinforce what is weak.
Keep your batteries charged.
Air out your closets.
Be crafty and re-purpose.
Recycle what you can’t reuse.
Dust and mold are not your friends.
Handle harmful toxins with rubber gloves.
And put rubbish in the garbage can!

It is enough that I follow my own rules.
That I live my code in word and deed.
In action and decision.

I’ll vote with my dollar.
And I’ll support with my attention and time.

Can’t expect me to put up with nonsense though.
I’ll only own what is truly mine.

My path is the scenic route.
And I am forever free
to relax
in my own

My door is a swivel door.
It answers to a curious knock.
Opens with a gentle poke.
And closes naturally.

I don’t like using locks.
Only treasure chests you can open are fun.

But I’ll keep collecting the pretty keys I find along the way.
In case I happen upon a secret door.
To a new adventure.

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