My mother asked if I wanted her to cook for me the other day.
I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I politely declined.

She ended up using her extra free time to sort through the garbage bags of things which do not fit anymore.

She has a very keen eye.
She suggested that we wash everything and only give away what has been taken care of.
What is not tattered and ripped.
Because no one wants to use leftover rags.
Unless they have no choice.

I ended up using my afternoon to slowly get ready.
I put on my new Qipao inspired dress made from hemp and cotton.
The fabric is durable.
The shape will remain after countless washes.
It fits perfectly.
My off-white dress with little green flowers.

I was languidly enjoying my walk.
Admiring my neighbour’s gardens as I came to pass them.
It was fairly hot outside but I didn’t really mind.
I enjoy the heat to a certain degree.

A sprinkler was on and it ended up playfully hitting me.
The little burst of cold water was absolutely refreshing.
I turned my head back to glance at the sprinkler.
And there was a mini rainbow inside the interplay of sunshine, water and gentle intentional force by its container.

It was a nice day.
I purchased a new lipstick shade I never before dared to try.
It looks fabulous.
And on sale too!
I enjoyed my favourite local Middle Eastern cuisine that evening.
In a cute little portion size.
And offered what I couldn’t finish to my burlier brother when he was hungry.

I’m happy my streets aren’t as littered as other places.
I was too lazy to wear sunscreen so I went out for a quick breather in the light rain.
I picked up a kid’s trigonometry test on my yard.
All zeroes.
I put it in the nearby recycling bin.
That’s okay.
We have calculators now.
And tutors everywhere.

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