It’s been a really rough couple of days.

Insomnia is really troublesome. I haven’t had proper sleep since the first week of May. Something threw my entire system off balance and I’m trying to recover.

As I was eating dinner earlier I started getting an incredibly uncomfortable tension headache. I resolved to taking a bath after eating.

It was my third time ever doing this. I was taught to conserve water growing up, so my first bath brought me many feelings of guilt. I reasoned that the water gets recycled anyways and just took the plunge.

I put on some jazz music, lit candles, ate cherries and drank apple cinnamon tea while reading magazines. Pampering oneself is so nice and essential to well-being.

It annoys me that my bath salts are not made of 100% natural ingredients. I will be making my own after using them up. I’d love to gift some to my friends too. In pretty little jars that I’ll decorate with lace and ribbons <3. It makes me so happy just thinking about it.

My friend came over this morning and we had breakfast together. We chatted about the importance of not stressing and just letting things be. I've been pushing myself too hard lately.

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