I need to buy a new journal soon.
I’m two thirds into the one I bought last year.
Have to stop spoiling myself though.
My last two journals have had golden edges.
What’s next?
Leather bound?
Must not be too ridiculous.
I plan on burning them all before I die anyway.
They’re for my eyes only.
The only way I commune with my past and future selves.

I am on page twenty eight of my new gratitude journal.
It’s nice to have a reminder of all the things which are good in life.
You can’t be happy every second of the day.
But being able to see a different perspective is key to living with less inner chaos.

Maybe I’ll check out the Sears label stationary next.
The design reminds me of Muji.
And I value convenience highly.
I’m an online shopping baby.

I am my own favourite person.
I love buying myself presents all year round.
My family thinks I’m ridiculous because there are always packages coming in the mail for me.
But nothing is more fun than opening boxes upon boxes of cool stuff.
Stuff that I like.
Stuff that is handpicked just for me!
By yours truly 🙂

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