Hi Lovely,

I’m back.
We’ve got some major cleaning up to do.


I found my old faceted Amethyst pendant from long ago.
I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

Reminds me of that one time in first year Uni.
When I lost the silver four leaf clover bracelet my father had given me.
I went insane looking for it.
Our building had thirteen floors.
I don’t know how much it had cost.
But I put up flyers offering a $500 reward for it.
When I thought all hope was lost,
I found it in my sock drawer a month later.

You can’t lose what is truly yours.

I bumped into my very first manager a couple of days ago.
We recognized each other and caught up briefly.
I was struck by the beauty she was able to retain.
After eleven years.
She must be in her fifties now.

To pursue beauty and discard life/longevity.
This has been my creed forever.

But now I realize I can have both.
Because Father Time also dotes on me.

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