It’s Raining Books!

I just counted all the books I bought this month.
Because I noticed just now that I was buying plenty.

So far.

The newest addition to my library is Albert Ellis’ ‘How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything’ à la kobobooks for $1.69CAD with a 5% cashback.

Regularly priced $16.95.
What a steal.

I’ll justify my recent book purchases by donating a huge box of my childhood books which I no longer identify with.
In a couple of hours.

Out with the old and in with the new!
My past will not determine my future.
The path is not written in stone.
If it is,
I’ll bring in the demolition derby.
And start all over again.

I am no minimalist.
Sorry Marie Kondo.
Your method is lost on me.
I do enjoy your organizational skills however.

On a more frugal note,
I was able to salvage two pairs of beautiful, fairly new but uncomfortable ballet flats.
They were about to go into the donation bag today,
but I noticed that I could rip out the insoles on both pairs.
And replace them with more suitable inserts.
Et voilà!
I have another two pairs of shoes to add to my already crazy roster.

Books to me are like fine weapons.
Just having a certain book in my arsenal (read: library) will ensure safe passage into whatever new territory I am venturing in.
I no longer feel guilt if I do not finish certain books.
Because the information I needed will have already been found.
And the book will have served its purpose.

In a world where everyone and their mothers are now writing articles to “teach” others, it seems to me that books are the only reliable source of information.
But even then, everyone is now writing an ebook.
If what is sixty pages long and priced $1.99 on Amazon is considered a book.
Oh the beauty of self-publishing.
You’ve lowered the gates too far down.

Where’s the true knowledge at?

Good thing I have standards.
And powers of discernment.

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