Food For Thought

I noticed tiny mushrooms growing in my potted orchid plant the other day.

There is a random lone mushroom growing on my lawn too that I found just now.

I’m reminded of a childhood book I no longer have.
The Library Card.
It is comprised of four short stories on how young people deal with hard circumstances.
The last story was about a girl who moved with her father to grow mushrooms on a farm.

Mushrooms are yummy.
I love shiitake mushrooms in herbal soups.
Anything herbal in general is great.
The taste and smell of the earth.

The best medicine is bitter to the taste.
Perhaps we heal by going through bitter times.

I recall a saying that I can’t quite remember right now.
Something about forcing a dying tree to survive by piercing it through the trunk.

I habitually wake up earlier than the rest of my family.
My morning routine consists of opening the back door to let some fresh air in.
Then, I make a cup of warm water mixed with organic honey and lime juice.
If I’m hungry, I’ll cook ten dumplings while I wait for the kettle to come to a boil.
I don’t like being force-fed more than I want to chew.
Plus, overeating is a major cause of disease.
What are you truly hungry for?

I noticed that one of the two cherry trees in my backyard was bending at a strange angle.
It has a very tall and slim trunk but is laden with branches, leaves and fruit.
I feared that the trunk would snap in half so I started taking all the fruit off the tree.
And shook as much water off the leaves as I could.
It had just rained.
The tree bent a little less.

I waited until my mother woke up to inform her.
And she reinforced the tree with a rope tied to our fence.

Rapid growth without a solid foundation only leads to an early death.

But my mother told me that trees are resilient.
And that ours would not die so easily.

My aunt gave us a huge bag of lettuce and mint from her garden.
We invited them over and made Vietnamese Summer Rolls.
So simple, fresh and high quality.

I purchased a book from Indigo recently about eating in season.
It’s too late to plant my own vegetables now.
But I’ll make preparations for next Spring.

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