Have you ever encountered situations where you are somehow coaxed into doing things you don’t want to?
Or you find that all of a sudden you lose your mind and voice.
Your body starts rebelling and sending you all sorts of signals.
But it’s as if you’re under a spell.
You act against your will.
You lose control.

There was once an individual in my life.
For two seasons.

I remember the first time he came to visit.
He boxed me into a corner with his body positioning.
I wasn’t sure if I felt trapped or protected.
It was intrusive though.
And I was acutely aware of how close this person was to me.
And how our emotional closeness did not warrant such a physical one.

During our first evening out,
he had taken full liberty on all the decision making.
My only choice in the matter was to choose between what he couldn’t decide was better.
His best interests became mine.

My brother uses one of my emails for gaming purposes.
He had to reset his password last night and came into my room for assistance.
Then laughingly, he joked that it’s an inconvenience because he never knows when I’ll just disappear one day and that he’ll be locked out of his game.
He’s so funny.

I was vacationing at sea.
There was a nine year old girl named Hermia who’d saved me.
To her, I was perfect.
But a little too sassy.
Oh well 🙂

I’m so thankful for all these kind strangers.
It seems they keep finding me.
Like that woman in Japan who offered me ice cream.
The very moment I stumbled into her pottery shop.

I really need to watch where I’m going.
But being up in the clouds is so much more fun.
A rapper friend of mine always reminded me:
‘Don’t forget your rope.’

I don’t need drugs.
I have my music.
And my mind.

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