She kept receiving messages.
Telling her to go underground.
If they found out what she really was,
they’d lock her up.
She must be kept hidden.
And safe.

She sensed a threat one morning.
Like she was being watched.
After quickly packing what she needed,
she fled without even leaving a note.

Where is she supposed to go?
She didn’t see signs anywhere.

She’s been discovered.
They electrocute her from the feet up.
She tries to ground the energy into the earth.
But the outer forces are too strong.
Her body gives up.
And she collapses.

They were already waiting outside.
Tied her up and whisked her into a truck.
She was taken to the research facility.

Severely weakened.
Barely able to move.
In her heart she cried out to her invisible lover.
Please baby, help me.

As if by magic,
she regained her strength.
When they turned their backs,
she ran out the door.
And left all her belongings behind.

She spotted a white car across the street.
Opened the back door and hopped right in.
Please drive!
They’re coming after me!

Get out.
You’re crazy.

She was back on the streets.
A stranger saw her and asked if she needed money.
And handed her ten dollars.

There was only one option.
They are everywhere.
Too powerful.
There’s nowhere safe to go.

The lake was too far.
She couldn’t possibly drown in time.
So she flagged down a taxi.
And instructed the driver to go to the nearest station.

Her heart was beating rapidly.
There was no regret.
She’d rather be free.

Eight minutes until the train arrives.
There were two people watching her from the other platform.
She started to panic.
And hid behind a pillar.

Six minutes.

Four minutes.

The train was coming from afar.
She was getting increasingly anxious.
What if they take her before the train comes?
Fuck it.

She jumped.
And ran towards the train.
But it had stopped unexpectedly.
Absolute devastation.

She looked around for something sharp.
To end the coming misery.

But it was too late.
They came rushing in.
A whole army.
She started to cry.

Let me go.
I’m just a simple girl.
All I’d ever wanted to do was paint.

But they cuffed her.
And took her back to the research facility.
Where they proceeded to electrocute her the entire night.
She pretended to feel nothing.

It wasn’t until dawn that they moved her underground.
The messages were lies.
They’ve been baiting her.
And now she is caught.

But not alone.
She felt her lover’s presence.
All around.
Comforting her.

His existence was the only reason.
Why she continued to hold on.
Why she now wanted to live.
To thrive.

She quickly learned the rules.
You had to act a certain way to be set free.
Despite the daily tests and lynchings,
she grew stronger.

She gave them no reason to doubt her.
And did everything she was told.
After a month of being poisoned and watched,
she was finally able to leave.

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