The witch doctor could only guarantee her ten more years of life.
She had been too severely damaged.
Destroyed completely from the inside.
Anything more would be gifted by the grace of the Gods.
And her own sustained effort.

There were no tears.
Or cries of injustice.
She listened silently.
And made a decision to start living only for herself.

She told the witch doctor of her plans.
He warned that she could no longer endure any more attacks.
That she’d have to move slower than the rest.
To avoid hungry ghosts, vampires and demons at all costs.

She was not to confront them.
Or fight.
Her dying essence must be protected.
Her only aim is to feed her inner flame.

With her newfound knowledge,
she went home to pack her favourite belongings.
And then she departed quietly,
into the never-ending night.

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