I woke up in a room with two shy Japanese guys and a Canadian Chinese guy.
We were staying in close quarters.
Some of my belongings were there.

I didn’t know why or how I ended up in this room.
But for some reason I didn’t question it.
And lived my life.

The two Japanese guys are super shy.
They mostly stick to themselves.
And speak Japanese to each other.

The Chinese guy speaks English.
But he also keeps to himself.
He answers me whenever I have a question though.

There is one TV mounted to the wall by the ceiling.
I use that TV to check my blog.
With my mind.

Somehow I know that we’re actually travelling.
To somewhere far away.
In this moving room.

One day,
I asked the Chinese guy.
What was I doing there?

Don’t you know?
You’ve already died.
You don’t remember?

I paused for a second.
How did it happen?
Do you know?

You died trying to protect a child.
It was very brutal.
Maybe it’s good you don’t remember.

I look out our windows with the slightly open blinds.
There were two Black men sitting outside.
It felt like we were the spectacle.

One of them caught my eye and waved to me.
I tried to hide out of his view.
He turned to his friend.

Now his friend is waving at me too.
I duck behind the Chinese guy.
What is going on?!


A Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi once had a dream that he was a butterfly fluttering about.
When he awoke, he wasn’t sure if he was actually a man having a dream of being a butterfly.
Or if he was a butterfly having a dream of being a man.


I woke up questioning if I was already dead.
Human interaction is so important.
Physical and emotional pain serves as a reminder that we’re actually alive.


Spotted my diagonally across backyard neighbour last night.
Staring into my room from his kitchen.
I really need to buy some non-sheer curtains.


Been spending too much time floating again.
A rope is not enough.
I need a heavy anchor.

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