My cousin and I were discussing how we wanted to be dealt with after we die.

She wants to be cremated and scattered into the ocean.

I want a sky burial.
It’s a Tibetan rite.
They take you high up in the mountains.
The monk gets drunk.
And they slice you up and feed you to the birds.

Why so morbid you may ask?

Would hate to be tied down to one place after I die.
I want to be a bird with no feet.

Don’t want anyone I love to mourn or grieve over me.

But most importantly,
I don’t want to give anyone who has ever done me wrong knowingly,
a chance to repent.
Only when it’s easy.

To hurt others with no real benefit to one’s self.
An act of pure destruction.

You can rot with the guilt in your own eternal hell.
Of your making.

I don’t forgive and forget.
I take out the trash.

You’re not guaranteed salvation after death.
There’s only action and consequence.
Right now.

That is all.

I’ve loved the film After Life for well over a decade now.
What is your favourite memory?

Mine would probably be one of the countless times.
I’ve wandered around.

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