Black bad.
Good white?

I’m not being racist here.
I’m talking about playing the role of a ‘bad’ person in the eyes of the other party.
I’ve found that sometimes,
in order to communicate effectively,
you have to match the intonation or viciousness the other is exhibiting.

How could you assert your position.
If you communicate like a mouse to a vulture?

You can’t change other people.
You can only defend yourself.
If walking away is not an option.

I’ve observed that there are many who can only see things from their eyes.
Their own perspective.

What could one do, if they are fundamentally wrong, but are adamantly convinced that they are right?
You prepare for battle.
If your turf is being taken from you.

What makes me laugh.
Is when a rude person,
accuses you of being rude.
When all you are doing,
is matching what they do.

Open your eyes.
And take a good long look at the mirror.
I guarantee you won’t like what you see.

Don’t enjoy what I gotta do.
But I have to do it.
Your wittle feelings or my self-preservation.
I’ll choose myself first.
You’re not all-important.
Smear if you will.

Islands are so great.
I ❤ Taiwan.
The people there are so chill and friendly.
Yummy and inexpensive food.
Breathtaking scenery.
Surrounded by water.
Filled with green.
And history.
I want to go back.
So badly.

Wait a minute.
Is it just me or does it seem like all island people are super zen?
There must be a reason why.

Maybe it’s because there is no one around to compare themselves to.

Side note:
Sometimes people ask me why I choose to remain silent.
They think I’m being overly weak and passive.
The truth is.
I just don’t feel it is my job to teach someone else.
How to be a decent human being.
Nor is it my place.

If I am not bothered,
then it is not a problem.
I’d rather save my time and energy.
For much better things.

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