There once was a mad king.
Who had a sweet angelic daughter.
He gave her the best of everything.
But kept her locked in a tower.

It’s not safe outside.
You can’t survive out there.
So she spent her days observing.
Breathing in the fresh free air.

As she got older,
she started sneaking outside.
Travelling further and further,
each time she tried.

At last she reached the border,
and climbed a tree to see.
Sad and dirty faces,
Working tirelessly.

She started to bring jewels and candy with her.
Hoping to cheer the people up.
Sharing these things made her happy.
She wanted to give them enough.

Day after day.
She made more and more friends.
They’d already be waiting,
for her at the edge.

Come out! Come out!
They’d cheer and cry.
She finally figured out a way,
to go outside.

They led her to a field,
where everyone had gathered.
She thought they were there,
To meet and greet her.

Little did she know,
what she was to endure.
The women threw stones.
The men beat and raped her.

Because to them,
it was all her fault.
That she had everything,
while they bled salt.

Sometimes ignorance can be a good thing.

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