Someone close to me spoke up against a hidden injustice I’ve experienced much of my life.
I wasn’t sure what I felt at the time.
Relief that I’m not alone?

Maybe just my personal power returning to me.
I’d already adapted to it long ago.
It’s only when you remove a virus that you realize you’ve been spending too much energy trying to constantly recalibrate your system.


When you out someone on a wrong they’ve been doing,
they experience shame.
Shaming is a powerful tool.
Examine your intentions before you use it.
Most of the time,
the situation does not warrant such an overkill.
There are better ways to inspire change.
Or could it be,
that maybe,
you’re the one who is actually wrong?
Maybe no one is truly wrong.
And are only doing what is right for them.

I don’t know.
I don’t know anything.


When humans experience a negative emotion which threatens their sense of self,
I think they will either get angry and lash out.
Retreat and hide.
Try to change.
Or fight to stay the same.
Because there is nothing wrong with being who you truly are.

You only start becoming wrong when you don’t check yourself.
Self-destruction is not a cool look.
When you detonate your bomb,
you bring everyone else down with you.
Our own loads are already a hassle to carry.
Don’t force somebody else to do your dirty laundry.

I don’t really care about the method others choose to use.
That’s none of my business.
Unless you make it my business.


I just had a thought.
Maybe I could have prevented a lot of suffering in life.
Had I chosen to say something in a timely manner.
But then again,
that only works if the recipient values you enough to listen.

I’m just happy knowing that things are getting better.
Better and together.


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