I’ve been in love with wallpaper since I happened upon William Morris’ work at the gift shop in our city’s largest art gallery two years ago.
It was a book of postcards.
He painted many patterns of flowers.
His art is very popular in home decor today.

I bought myself two rolls of wallpaper recently.
My home is being partially redone and I decided that now was a good time to make my room cooler than it already was.
I scoured pages upon pages of wallpapers.
From many different stores.
There was only one pattern I loved.
White pearlescent sakura (cherry blossoms) on a cream background.
Subtle and elegant.

I love cherry blossoms.
Maybe it’s because Cardcaptor Sakura was my favourite show during my preteens.
While everyone was out fighting evil by moonlight with Sailor Moon,
I was absorbed into the world of a kindhearted, naive girl who was ill-prepared for the magical journey she accidentally stumbled upon.
Because of a book she found in her home.

But most importantly,
she wore fabulous new outfits every episode.

I very much enjoyed her innocent love story with her rival Syaoran.
So much that I spent years reading fanfiction on the couple.
No shame here.

I happened upon a book today named ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’
It is a short story about a woman’s descent into madness due to the ugliness of the room she is confined to.
And her husband’s lack of care and understanding to her real emotional needs.
Because he can only see things from his perspective.
He doesn’t truly accept her for who she is.
She is literally locked away in a box.
His ideal box.

I’m reminded of a movie I saw on Netflix once.
In Your Eyes.
It is about a young woman who is married to a controlling man.
And how one day she starts to have a telepathic connection to a stranger far away.
They share their experiences and stories with each other.
And communicate honestly and act without pretenses.
They slowly start to fall in love.
One day, her husband notices something is off about his wife and forcibly institutionalizes her.
Her lover rescues her against all odds and they run away together.

True love is honesty, understanding and acceptance.
Not what someone can be or do for you.

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