I once had a friend who told me that I shouldn’t pay attention to other people and to only make friends with those who are in high places or who have influence.
He said that to make it in life, you had to know the right people.
And how to use them to your advantage.

I don’t mind meeting new people.
And I am generally open to people who approach me.
I like connecting with and understanding the other person.
I am naturally very curious.
And I enjoy learning the perspective, stories and histories of the people I meet.
What they enjoy.
Why they dislike the things they do.

Of course it is natural for friends to help and support each other in times of need.
But if the motivation from the get-go was just to gain something at the expense of the other person.
I don’t know how I feel about that.

I had a dream of that very friend this afternoon during my nap.
He had asked me to a meal at a restaurant.
And I accepted reluctantly.
As we were being seated,
I rushed out and ran away.
Leaving my phone behind.
After finally making it out of the building,
I left the entrance to see him outside looking for me.
I hid behind a car and noticed that he was holding onto my phone.
Deciding to end it once and for all,
I left my hiding place and told this person that I’ve had enough.
I snatched my phone back and tried to leave.
He kept reasoning with me that you are supposed to use your friends and that that’s all they’re good for.
I told him that you’re supposed to support each other and walked away.

I woke up feeling freer than usual.

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