The climb up the holy mountain was arduous.
She needed to reach the fox shrine before sunset.
The owls were hooting.

There were answers she sought.
Certain truths which were concealed just a little below the surface.
Without an understanding of the past, you cannot move forward into the future.

She needed to be sure.
To be absolutely certain.
Before she was to enact what she needed to do.

The sacred prostitute welcomed her at the entrance.
She was led to a room where she was stripped down.
To be bathed in fragrant oils.

One had to be clean from the ills of the mortal world,
in order to seek an audience with the Priestess.
They would come for her at dawn.

She was unable to sleep.
Being so close to the end and yet still so far.
She watched the moon until it disappeared into the horizon.

The Priestess sat behind a veil.
There was already a thick tome laid out before her.
She flipped through the empty pages until she saw what she needed to see.

Everything she knew had been a lie.
Overtaken by Mara,
her spirit quickly fled her body.

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