The girl had no memories.
The woman had trained her all her life.
To kill only one man.
The most wicked man of the entire realm.

For seventeen years,
the girl lived off of nothing but contempt and hate.
When she’d finally taken care of the man,
she became fodder for the woman.

The girl struggled to be released from the stranglehold.
No matter where she ran,
there would be another embodiment of the woman.
The girl started to self-destruct as her only means of escape.

Every bridge was an opportunity.
Every form of poison.
Every sip of alcohol.
She had dreams of jumping off mountains.

On an uneventful day,
she came across a thin black book.
On the cover was written:
You’ve paid your dues.

It was a rather short story.
About a man who had lost his beloved daughter to a wicked woman.
And how he ended up dying by his dear daughter’s hands.

How tragic.

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