In May of 2015,
I met an older glamorous lady named Emiko.
My friend and I stayed at an airbnb in beautiful Kyoto.
And she happened to be visiting her sister at the same time.
We shared a dwelling.

She was worldly and well-learned.
And has lived in many places with stories and souvenirs from all over the globe.
Her husband and her live in separate homes close to each other.
I assume this is because she is a stubborn woman and likes things her way.
She makes a living by decorating the homes of millionaires in Canada.
And other art and culture stuff that I don’t quite remember anymore.

It was probably then that the seed of possibility was planted in me.
That it is possible to become the person that I’ve always wanted to be.
The woman who was laying dormant in me.
All these years.
Until recently.

In June of 2015,
I met another elegant lady on a voyage through the Caribbean sea.
She was a beautiful and gregarious Chinese woman named Nancy.
We chatted over afternoon tea.
And snacked on decadent cakes and macarons.
She had carved her own path and became well-accomplished in her field.
A truly remarkable woman.
And she assured,
that I too will make it.
Because she saw it in me.


Dear Change Gods,

I’m ready.


Let there be chaos.

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