I went to see a play with a friend last week.
Old Love by Norm Foster.
We were five minutes late so we missed the beginning monologue.
Reading it last night made me want to write about it.

Bud: This is the story of my pursuit of a good woman. And I don’t mean just any good woman, because I know there are millions of good women out there. I’m sure there are some here right now. But, I have a particular woman in mind. Her name is Molly.

I first met Molly twenty-five years ago. We met only three times, very briefly, over the course of the next three years. We were both married back then. Me to my wife Kitty, and Molly to Arthur Graham, the owner of the company I worked for. Eventually Arthur Graham sold the company and I didn’t see Molly again, but, she would always come back to me. Sometimes in a dream. Sometimes while I was just sitting at home going over the monthly bills. Or sometimes when I was driving over a long distance. Her face would suddenly pop into my mind at these times and I would wonder how she was doing.

*cue waterworks*

A man can love a woman forever from afar.
A man can lay next to you every night and never know who you are.

I learned a lot from that play.
As I do with much of what I consume.

The main character Bud is, in my opinion, a real man.
And though he started from the bottom,
he believed in the persistence of hard, honest work.
Unfortunately, he married a woman who did not respect him.
She wanted him to be more and do more.
To be someone he was not.
She didn’t believe in him.
And because she did not respect him, she ended up cheating and leaving him with the child.
He loved the boy anyways.
And came to be a wealthy man on his own merit.

Molly is a kind, devoted woman.
Who recounted that she had messed up her life at her husband’s funeral.
She had let him take the lead much of the time.
And when he asked her to sacrifice her dreams for him,
she did.
It seemed to me that she was never able to voice her true feelings and thoughts to him.
Because he never wanted to listen.
Being hopelessly devoted and catering to her man,
she knew he did not love her but she stuck by him anyways.
Despite knowing he’d often cheat on her.
She was finally free after he died.

I told myself that night that I would not end up like Molly.
That I’ll only be with a man who truly loves me.
A man who I respect, admire and truly believe in.

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