Warren Buffett has a 25-5 rule.
Where you make a list of the 25 things you want to do most.
Take the top 5 from that list.
And discard the rest.

I think my top 5 would be:
Play Guzheng.

I won’t discard the rest.
But I’ll focus on these for now.

Not looking to become a master.
Just proficient.
And happy.

My father had wanted me to study law but it bored me to death in high school.
He was a business owner.
And I had spent a lot of time chasing after his shadow.
I decided to study Economics during university because it was the branch of business education which was the most intuitive for me.
But I hated it so much.
What I wanted to do was study Anthropology, Philosophy and Psychology.
I was afraid that the first two wouldn’t make me any money.
I took all the anthro courses I could.
Plus PHIL101 and Business Ethics.
Thankfully, I was able to squeeze in a psych minor.
I loved those research studies.

I was on the verge of a breakdown at the beginning of 2015.
At the time, I was working at a large financial institution.
It was absolute soul sucking work.
And although I was promoted quickly and regarded highly,
I wanted nothing more than to stay home and do nothing.

I remember my birthday that year.
I visited the lake alone and sat there for an hour.
Wondering what was the point of all this.
The lack of meaning.
The mundane existence.

My next stop was the museum.
I love artifacts.
And the seemingly simpler life people had lived back then.
I often lament the fact that I was not born in an earlier time.

A statue of Ananda caught my attention.
He was a disciple of Buddha.
I’m not religious,
but I stared at him and cried.
People probably thought I was crazy.

I called up my favourite friend afterwards for coffee and dinner.
He met me at our usual coffee shop.
And I told him.
That all I thought about was driving off the highway ramp every morning.
He told me to just quit.
It sounded impossible at the time.
But a tiny seed of possibility was planted in me.

It was two weeks after that day.
I still remember it was during the morning.
Feeling the urge to pretend to be sick and go home again,
I took out my Chinese dollar coin.
Heads, quit.
Tails, stay.

My work friend was there as a witness.
I flipped.
Then cried.
And wrote my resignation right after.

Two and a half years later,
I’m still very much alive.
And kickin’ 😉

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