The pencil is my preferred tool.
The physical act of writing in a smooth notebook is something I take the utmost pleasure in.
It is even better if accompanied by a cup of warm tea or a frothy cappuccino.
I am often smitten by the look of the handwriting which comes from the tip of my Japanese-made mechanical pencil.
The same one I’ve had since high school.

Sometimes, I’ll get bored of the monotony and pick up a fine brush with some watercolour paints.
The gentle mixing of water and colour produce some of the most striking pastel shades I’ve ever seen.
I love the lack of strict form and precision.
Perfectly imperfect perfection.

I’m very much someone who adheres to the tangible.
And I am someone who tends to keep matters private.
So why did I decide to type into the boundless open aether?
I’m not sure myself.
Maybe I’ll figure out the reason some day.
In the meantime,
I hope you enjoy the musings which go on endlessly in this busy mind of mine.

Much Love,

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